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Consulting and training in the field of Homeland security (HLS)

The company provides services both in Israel as well as abroad, focusing on consulting and training in the field of Homeland security (HLS) which includes, but is not limited to counterterrorism, security and intel planning and analysis, planning wide range of solutions, combining the physical security with 'state of the art' technology, planning, execution and training selected personnel to provide 24/7 security in highest standards.
GOTRACK HLS is authorized and certified by the Israeli Ministry of Internal Security to recruit, educate, train and operate a countrywide Safe City Command & Control center, and serve as the administrator for the complex program. In addition, we provide similar services for specific facilities which are regulated and inspected by the Israel MoD
GOTRACK HLS have proven experience in improving and enhancing security at sensitive high risk facilities and sites, along borders, with in depth knowledge of increasing public safety whilst combining intelligence, technology and physical security, providing a cost value, efficient long lasting flexible, tailor made plan


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