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Ortech defence systems LTD

Shielding against blast

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Ortech provides defense solutions for existing and new buildings, sites and sensitive facilities and improved protection of civil, public, governmental and military sites and structures. Ortech solutions are shielding against blast, fragments, ballistics and forced entry risks

Ortech specializes in the design, production and turn-key implementations of blast protection solutions for private, public, governmental and military buildings, sites and structures – shielding against terror, fragments, ballistics, forced entries and industrial safety risks. We supply mobile shelters and security rooms.
Our solutions save lives and keep the existence of equipment and enable the business continuity of operation of strategic sites, command and control rooms, VIP rooms, server rooms and more.
Using proprietary flexible, lightweight and easy to implement composite materials elements that comply with the highest standards and requirements for protection. Shielding mobile buildings, hazardous materials containers, cabling and pipe systems and provides Survivability reports assessment.
Ortech has years of experience providing solutions for national and international customers, including the Ministries of Defense, embassies, banks, food and pharmaceuticals plants, energy, chemicals, data centers and high-technology industries.


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