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Suspect Detection Systems (SDS)

AI threat detection

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Suspect Detection Systems (SDS) is a leader in counter terrorism and crime prevention behavior pattern recognition technologies. SDS was established by former seniors from security agencies and machine learning experts. The company line of products has an established track record in helping law agencies enforcement and enterprises to mitigate crimes and terrorists activities. SDS's COGITO technology is deployed in more than 15 countries and used by law enforcement agencies and enterprises.

SDS utilizing machine learning and BI to better understand human behavior patterns.

With more than 12 years of experience and working installations across the globe SDS has acquired the unique know how on criminal and terrorist behavior. SDS invested hundreds of man years and joint efforts of studies with US Department of Home Land Security and security agencies in Israel and many other countries. That huge database and know how become part of SDS technology trough using advance algorithms. Using "Guilty Knowledge" and "Stimulated Reaction" methods and utilizing advance sensors such as P300, GSR, BVP and Thermal Imaging analysis allow SDS to build coherent line of products that revolutionize the war against terrorists and criminals.


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