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ISBU Newsletter April 2023

A word from the editor

Hi everyone!

In this months issue we continue to address the rise of AI and its potential to transform the character of warfare is a key topic that has been making headlines in recent years. highlights the latest developments in AI technology and its applications in military and security contexts, as well as the need for effective governance and ethical considerations when using these technologies.

Another important topic covered is the potential threats to NATO from half-hearted or hostile members as well as the US-South Korea cooperation on potential use of nuclear arms.

The Cyber & Tech News section of the newsletter covers the latest developments in cybersecurity, including the patching of zero-day vulnerabilities and the risks posed by illicit crypto mining. The section also highlights the need for international cooperation to develop and adopt internationally accepted AI standards.

ISBU promotes Israel's Defense Industry Start-Ups/SMEs alongside major industry leaders, offering new opportunities to an international market and providing a wide range of services to union members and foreign companies. These include scouting services for security and defense, business development, finding collaborations, managing tenders, lobbying government committees, managing marketing and marcom services, and producing

Wishing you a blessed month ahead


Included in this issue:
  • News from the union

  • HLS and Defense news

  • Cyber & Tech news

  • Company spotlight

  • Services for members

Defense and Homeland Security News


AI is about to transform the character of warfare, as gunpowder, tanks, aircraft, and the atomic bomb have in previous eras. Read more (

NATO — The Frenemy Within

The alliance has not properly considered the risks emanating from the half-hearted or hostile within the organization. Read more (

Inside operation Golden Orb.

UK Security plan for the Kings coronation has been years in the making .

Read more (

U.S., South Korea Pledge Cooperation on Potential Use of Nuclear Arms

Seoul agrees not to develop its own arsenal while gaining more of a say in planning response to North Korea. Read more (

U.S. Officials on Jihadi Threat in 2023

The most direct threat to the U.S. homeland was from individuals inspired by jihadi groups. But the United States still needs to be “really vigilant” about foreign terrorist groups, and that's principally an al Qaeda and an ISIS threat.

Cyber & Tech News

Microsoft fixes a Zero Day vulnerability that’s been in use since April 2022

Microsoft has patched an Outlook zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2023-23397) exploited by a hacking group linked to Russia's military intelligence service GRU to target European organizations. Read more (

Security Failures At TikTok’s Virginia Data Centers:

Unescorted Visitors, Mystery Flash Drives And Illicit Crypto Mining.

Advancing Cooperative AI Governance at the 2023 G7 Summit

G7 can provide a forum to encourage the development and adoption of internationally accepted AI standards. Read more (

Emirates Defense Technology Joins Forces with Steadicopter to Deliver Reliable UAS

The collaboration will focus on supplying advanced rotary tactical unmanned aerial systems developed by Steadicopter to meet the needs of various customers within the UAE and other key market segments. Read more (

DJI Unveils the World’s First Three Optical Camera Drone, Redefining Aerial Storytelling

DJI introduces the Mavic 3 Pro, a flagship drone with a triple camera system that ushers in a new era of aerial content capture by housing three cameras with different focal lengths. Read more ( (

Company Spotlight

Robotican Ltd. is a company that specializes in the development of innovative robotic solutions

Robotican is an Israeli privately owned company developing and manufacturing intelligent C-UAS and UGV’s, defining a new autonomous era of robots.

Robotican provides unmanned system with fully autonomous capabilities for the most challenging missions to perform by users. This provides high mission performance, reduces man power and maximizes the cost effectiveness for customers.

Services for our members

ISBU service providers, offer a range of products and services to our members at discounted rates. Sign up to become a member today!

This month the spot light is on Revital Abrahamov who specializes in head-hunting and locating candidates for complex technological positions and senior or unique positions, for high-tech companies, startups and government offices.

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