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ISBU Newsletter May 2023

Dear Readers,

In this month's defense newsletter, we bring you the most significant updates and insights from May. We start with coverage of the DEFA Conference, where experts explored digitalization, education, and emerging applications.

This edition explores the most recent developments within the NATO community, focusing on the alliance membership theory and its drawbacks

Our newsletter also highlights developments in the drone industry, showcasing technological advancements in drone swarms and AI.

Lastly, we explore recent breakthroughs. As AI continues to transform the cyber and defense industry, professionals can gain insights into how autonomous systems and advanced analytics can enhance security and operational efficiency.

Happy reading


Included in this issue:
  • News from the Union

  • Military and Defense News

  • Cyber and Tech News

  • Company Spotlight

  • Services for Members

News from the Union

Exciting Meeting at the Greek Embassy!

ISBU had a great interaction with the head of economic & Commercial Affairs at the Greek Embassy, exploring collaboration opportunities between ISBU and Greece.

We discussed how ISBU can help Greece showcase its potential and possibilities to a global audience. From facilitating webinars to highlighting advancements in Greece, we aim to attract attention and foster valuable #connections.

Moreover, we delved into the power of joint research and development (R&D) between Greek companies and Israeli universities. By leveraging our strong network, we can facilitate impactful #collaborations that drive #innovation and #growth.

ISBU is looking forward to strengthening the ties between Greece and Israel in the #cybersecurity and #defense sectors.

Military and Defense News

DEFEA 2023: Arquus displaying the Greek army's new VBL Ultima armored vehicle

Many may know Arquus better under its former names, Renault Trucks Defense, ACMAT, and Panhard, although the company has now been present under its new identity for five years and Arquus has been present at the two last DEFEA exhibitions. The partnership between Arquus and the Hellenic Army started in 1997 with the delivery of the first batch of 13 Panhard VBL light armored reconnaissance vehicles. (

Sweden, Finland, and the Meaning of Alliance Membership

Sweden and Finland's substantial pre-2022 cooperation with NATO surpassed rationalist expectations. Traditional alliance theories overlook the importance of identity and national security policy, indicating that joining NATO primarily affects identity and strategic culture.


Hypersonic Hype?

Russia’s Kinzhal Missiles and the Lessons for Air Defense

Examining the interception of Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missiles by Ukrainian Patriot air defense systems, as well as highlighting the performance and limitations of the Kinzhal. The strategic implications of these interceptions and the need for continuous enhancement of air defense systems are also discussed. (Modern war institute)

UK, US, and Australia Jointly Test AI-Enabled Drone Swarm

The UK, US, and Australia conducted their first AI-enabled drone swarm trial, demonstrating successful detection and tracking of military targets. The trial highlighted AI's operational advantages and importance in adapting to evolving threats. Collaboration and responsible development of AI is crucial for maintaining battlefield superiority. ( The defense post)

Spectra Group’s SlingShot and Troposcatter – operationally proven and evolving to meet the modern demands of specialist and regular forces globally

Spectra's SlingShot is a cutting-edge system that meets the needs of Special Forces and regular forces worldwide. It allows UHF and VHF tactical radios to expand their capabilities for strategic communications, offering Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) and Communications on the Move (COTM) without requiring new radio purchases. This unique, low SWaP solution is revolutionizing military communication. (asianmilitaryreview)

US Navy 4th Fleet ramps up AI and unmanned systems

The US Navy is launching a program to enhance technology adoption in the 4th Fleet, covering the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans around Central and South America. This initiative aims to integrate AI and unmanned systems to combat the narcotics trade, human trafficking, and illegal fishing activities. The program will have a significant impact on SOUTHCOM and the Joint Interagency Task Force South. (armadainternational)

Cyber & Tech News

Thales strengthens its leadership in automotive cybersecurity with a new certification

Compliance in this highly regulated environment reinforces Thales' leadership in automotive cybersecurity. (securityinfowatch)

AuthenticID Named 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award Winner

The Fortress Cyber Security Awards are given annually by the Business Intelligence Group to identify and reward the world’s leading companies and products that keep data and electronic assets safe from growing threats from fraud, data breaches, and hacks. (apnews)

MIT Researchers Developed an AI Tool that Eliminates a Source of Bias in Simulations

This method is a crucial development as it can improve the algorithm design significantly, eventually leading to better-trained, evaluated, and suited models in areas such as video quality enhancements and data processing system performance. (marktechpost)

BPC and Ellipse Collaborate to Enhance E-commerce Security with Dynamic Code Technology

BPC, one of the world’s leading payment solution providers, today announced an enhanced partnership with the pioneering fintech company, Ellipse World, Inc. (Ellipse). The partnership will focus on bolstering security measures and privacy for customers by integrating EVC® (Ellipse Verification Code), Ellipse’s dynamic card security code/CVV/CVC technology into BPC’s acclaimed SmartVista platform to provide EVC processing services. (ffnews)

Data Incoming: How to Close the Cyber Data Gap

The United States is set to gain unprecedented insight into cyber security with new regulations mandating expanded cyber-incident reporting by companies. This influx of data will provide valuable resources for the government to understand the state of cyber security in the country. To fully leverage this opportunity, federal agencies should enhance data analysis, foster private-sector collaboration, and promote international cooperation. (warontherocks)

Company Spotlight

Welcoming the newest addition to the ISBU portfolio.

RT - Advanced Aerostat Systems is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of Skystar aerostats used in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications. Skystar products are ideal for users in prevent-prepare-respond-recover settings needing continuous and compact aerial support.

RT provides versatile and cost-effective tactical systems, including a mobile control station, ground system module, tether, lighter-than-air platform, stabilized payload platform, and advanced sensor suite. Skystar systems are easy to operate, quickly deployable, and customizable for various military and civilian missions worldwide.

SkystarTM systems are deployed globally and have accumulated over 5 million operational hours. They support military and security users in persistent ISR, border and coastal security, target acquisition, perimeter security, VIP protection, law enforcement, public safety, search and rescue, emergency response missions, and safe cities.

Services for our members

ISBU service providers offer a range of products and services to our members at discounted rates. Sign up to become a member today!

This month the spotlight is on Revital Abrahamov who specializes in head-hunting and locating candidates for complex technological positions and senior or unique positions, for high-tech companies, startups, and government offices.

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