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In 2017, the Association of Defense Companies was founded in Israel. It originally served as the forum of Defense, Homeland Security, and Cyber companies in Israel.

Today, we are ISBUIsrael’s Security Business Union.

ISBU is providing in-depth, data-driven Defense + Security scouting, working with Israel’s best in the field alongside cutting edge start-ups to provide you with the best in Security, Defense, and Strategic Intelligence.

Uniting security, for security.


Join the ISBU community today and explore our solutions.

Threat actors are more advanced than ever.
So are we.

If you are an entity in need of HLS, Cyber, and Perimeter Security -- we have you covered. 

With ISBU's exceptional Security Scouting service, you can rest assured that your defense is in the hands of the best the industry has to offer with our members -  tailored to your specific needs.

For Security Industry Professionals: 

Become a part of ISBU's specialized Defense community, dedicated to providing everything you need to elevate your entity to the next level through insight, intelligence, and innovative new technology.

View our Membership Options below! 

Our Membership
For Security Industry Professionals:

ISBU offers opportunities for growth, networking, and intelligence to Israeli SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises).

Enhance your growth.
Become a member of ISBU today. 
Our Services
For Security Solutions:

ISBU provides dynamic strategic solutions to our partners with an insightful approach in scouting for Security, Defense, and the related industries.

ISBU provides the HLS, Cyber, and Defense solutions you need.

ISBU Membership Options

1404 +Vat
For individuals, SMB’s and Startups
6,435 +Vat
Advanced features for large scale companies
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