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Supporting the defense and cyber industries in Israel to grow and flourish​

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ISBU: Our Goals

As a budding community in the Defense and Securities Industry, we have a big vision and drive to fulfill it. 


ISBU's goals include:

  • To be the community for SMEs to benefit from one another's knowledge, experience, and networks.

  • To be represented at the national and international levels.

  •  To create opportunities for Defense and Security Industries with representatives operational all over the world.

We Operate Within the

ISBU Working Values

The ISBU, its officers, and its member companies are conforming to highest ethical values.
The ISBU, and its  members companies are supporting and leveraging each other's businesses
The ISBU, its officers, and its member companies are working under confidentiality guidelines.
ISBU assumes that each member company is fully compliant with all relevant regulations including Ministry of Defense Export Control.
The Union members must
be treated with respect.

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