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Ronen Malamud

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Digital Marketing - Solutions Digital Services

FirstActive is a services company that provides a wide range of digital services to companies and businesses in Israel and abroad.
FirstActive specializes in Internet marketing, promotion and advertising. The services we provide are suitable for content sites, image sites, product stores and online ventures. Digital is us.
Our activities include: Advertising products and services through Internet campaigns in a variety of channels of activity, in Israel and abroad, digital strategic consulting, guidance, as well as analysis, monitoring and control of results. Our activities include:
- Specialization in advertising on Google, YouTube and Facebook, Instagram, E-mail & SMS marketing, content domain promotion - Outbrain and Taboola Organic Google SEO promotion, connecting advanced promotion tools and more. Both in Israel and abroad.
We specialize in Performance, striving for maximum results for every customer. (Leads, sales and more)
World of Web Development and Landing Pages. Build landing pages, websites and commerce sites using Wordpress technology
Web design with Wordpress technology is based on the most advanced management interface - Elementor
(Additional technological solutions are possible). All sites receive a unique Custom made design.
- Specialization in content management for social networks, management of Facebook pages, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.
Full content management and followers database management. Campaigns to increase the number of followers.
- Building advanced marketing chatbots as well as business marketing automation services.
Bots that will be the company's sales and service people for all intents and purposes. Statistics show that with the help of chat bots, the number of leads increases and the cost per lead decreases in combination with the generation of hotter leads.
Marketing automation - planning and building marketing processes for businesses and companies with the help of automation.
- Digital strategic marketing consulting services - Design and construction of Funnels (marketing funnels) and marketing moves for our clients.
- The staff has extensive experience, each in his field.
The company employs certified advertisers - Google Partners
- Our direct contacts to the advertising department in Google overseas and Facebook overseas which allows us to be updated online and consult with them for you if necessary.
- Work in a variety of languages, in Israel and abroad.
- Professional service and personal, pleasant and reliable attitude.

We will be happy to answer any question and cooperate.

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