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Aviel Lemesh

Legal advisor & Board member

Aviel Lamash, law firm and mediation, deals in administrative law and specializes in the field of municipal taxation (property taxes, construction fees, expropriations, improvements, development levies) with experience in consulting and accompanying some of the largest asset-rich entities in the economy, including banks, security companies, infrastructure companies and construction companies. In addition, he specializes in the settlement and management of disputes in complex mediation procedures, settlement of disputes between business owners and partnerships and building solutions in the management of internal disputes. And all with a focused approach and the development of integrative and efficient solutions.

We operate in the format of a boutique office that focuses on our business clients while providing personal and professional service, with an emphasis on providing practical and creative solutions. The firm employs and works in collaboration with experts in the various fields relevant to our clients, all in order to provide the highest quality and correct service with the aim of accompanying our clients all along the way in the most professional manner for the purpose of creating effective and successful solutions.


+972 73-759-9974

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