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Dr. Eyal Pinko

SVP business development

Eyal Pinko (Navy Commander, retired) served in the Israeli navy for 23 years.
He served four years in operational duties, 12 years managing and system engineering weapon systems and missiles development projects, and six years as head of an intelligence branch.
He served for five more years as the head of intelligence division at the Prime Minister's Office (OF-7 Civilian rank equal to Rear Admiral).
He is a graduate of the national senior intelligence course and other intelligence and operational courses.
He holds the Israeli National Security Award, head of the PM office Decoration of Excellence, DDR&D Decoration of Excellence, IDF Commander in Chief Decoration of Excellence, and Chief of Naval Operations Decoration of Excellence.
After retiring, Eyal was a senior consultant for three years at the Israeli National Cyber Directorate. He developed cybersecurity methodologies and risk assessments for businesses and governmental agencies.
Eyal holds a bachelor's degree with honor in Electronics Engineering and master's degrees with Honor in International Relationships, Management, and Organizational Development.
Eyal holds a Ph.D. degree from Bar-Ilan University (Defense and Security Studies).
He is a researcher and lecturer in cyber, national security, maritime security, and Intelligence at Bar Ilan University, BESA center, and other academic institutions.
Since 2018, he has written more than 300 articles in leading security and defense journals and was the keynote speaker in dozens of conferences around the globe.
In 2018 he was awarded a research scholarship by the Haifa Maritime Strategy Research Center, and in 2020 he was awarded a research scholarship by the Israeli Ministry of Science.
Since June 2020, he has been the International Institute for Migration and Security Research president, located in Sofia/Bulgaria.
Since the end of 2017, Eyal is the CEO of Terra Strategic Solutions, focusing on business intelligence, influence campaigns, cybersecurity, and security consulting.


+972 73-759-9974

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