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ISBU Newsletter February 2023

A word from the editor

The overarching theme in news headlines this month is the subject of AI. It is becoming abundantly clear that consumers in all fields need to get to grips with AI, its uses and applications. AI is quickly becoming one of the leading technologies that will part of the our everyday lives, not to mention its security and HLS applications.

The ISBU welcomes you to join the organization, enjoy the privileges as a partner, and be updated on the latest news and opportunities in the defense, security, and cyber industry.

Best regards

Kasriel Kay


Included in this issue:
  • News from the union

  • Upcoming events

  • HLS and Defense news

  • Cyber & Tech news

  • Forensics section

  • Company spotlight

  • Services for members

News from the union.

Representing the interests of our members in the Knesset. This time ISBU at the Science and Technology Committee, representing the defense industry.

Upcoming events

ISBU Pavilion at ISC

After an absence of about two years, on March 21, the "Israel Security Conference 2023" will be held. The fifth conference, which will take place at the D-one Drom HaSharon, is intended to preserve a professional security community and a creative thinking forum for industry executives in Israel. The Israel Security Conference is attended by senior members of the Israeli security world and all the guiding bodies of the state and civilian security systems. Alongside the conference, there will be an exhibition of means and services from leading technology companies.

The Israel Security Conference 2023 will be attended by about 700 senior members of Israel's security system, including over 100 officers and instructors from the regulatory bodies (the Ministry of Public Security, the Israel Police, the IPS, the Lutheran Headquarters, the National Security Council and the IDF). Senior security managers and over 200 consultants, integrators, manufacturers, importers and exporters.

This year, the conference focuses on changes in the world of civil security in light of the severe crisis in manpower, changes in attribution of threats and the increasing use of advanced technologies which replace or reduce the use of manpower.

ISBU had secured a pavilion at the conference in order for our members to exhibit their products at a reduced price.

For more information, please contact

כנס האבטחה של ישראל מתקיים בתאריך 21.03.2023

הכנס המתקיים בשת"פ עם חטיבת האבטחה של משטרת ישראל, יארח את 500 בכירי עולם האבטחה ובראשם מעל 100 קציני אבטחה ורישוי , מעל 250

מנהלי אבטחה בכירים מנכ"לי חברות האבטחה והמוקד הגדולות.

!ISBU מחיר מיוחד לביתן לחברי האיגוד בפביליון של

ביתן 4 מ` + שטיח + שולחן

6,000 ₪ + מע"מ

(הביתן אינו ממותג)

חברי האיגוד המעוניינים להציג בפביליון ובעלות מופחתת מתבקשים לפנות לכתריאל קיי - מנהל חברי קהילת האיגוד -

Defense and Homeland Security News

European missile defense - right questions, unclear answers?

Germany is now propelling an initiative on European air and missile defense after many years of deferring decisions to meet a national capability. It may be a laudable aim, but will it hit the target? (

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Military strategists will be studying the reasons behind Russia’s confounding failure to rapidly defeat Ukraine for years to come. But there is one point upon which they seem to have quickly reached agreement: low-cost, easy-to-use drone technologies are playing a pivotal role in repulsing Russia’s advances.(

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Many have written about the need for general AI education within the military, but this article takes this argument a step further and asserts that AI education is particularly important for special operations force (

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$1M funding for homeland security tech, biometrics for US, Israel firms via BIRD Foundation

U.S. and Israeli firms pitching innovative solutions for homeland security (HLS), including biometrics, could receive funding of up to US$1 million via the countries’ Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation.(

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The not-really Next Generation Weapons Program

On all key technical measures, the Next Generation Squad Weapons program is imploding before Army’s very eyes. The program is on mechanical life support, and its progenitors at the Joint Chiefs obstinately now ramming the program through despite spectacularly failing multiple civilian-sector peer reviews almost immediately upon commercial release.(

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