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ISBU Newsletter August 2023

Dear Members & Readers,

In this month's ISBU newsletter, we bring you the most significant updates and insights from August.

The newsletter includes articles and updates from Israel and the world dealing with technology, intelligence, security, military, cyber, counter-terrorism, policing and law enforcement.

By virtue of the fact that the union unites and centralizes the activities of companies dealing with issues of security and defense, the newsletter touches on essential and critical issues such as war against terrorism, dealing with racism and anti-Semitism, maintaining public order and citizen security.

In addition, the newsletter presents current research and advanced technologies, updates regarding events in Israel and around the world, recommendations regarding professional literature and various additional Updates concerning the interest of the members such as Publication of tenders and procurement, collaborations and other new opportunities.

Towards the new year we will make an effort to help the members of the union as much as possible.

We will be happy if you contact us with any request or question, by email, WhatsApp or on the website.

ISBU wish you all Happy New Year

We hope you enjoy reading.

Liran Segal


Formerly with the Israeli homeland security & intelligence forces, Over 20 years of experience in the fields of Intelligence gathering, covert security, technology & logistics.

Specializing in the Covert Dimension & focusing on the Human Factor.

Expert in Maintaining the Value of Privacy for Individuals & Companies.

Human Intelligence & Security Field Solutions.

Included in this issue:
  • News from the union

  • HLS and Defense news

  • Cyber & Tech news

  • Company spotlight

  • Services for members

The World’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Conference 2023 will be focused on A Glimpse of the future: Vision, Research, Development and Applications challenges. The conference will be dedicated to discussing policies, business, innovation, research, and developing ideas related to this topic.

* A union member is entitled to a discount

The Israel Greece Chamber of Commerce cordially invites you to the launch of its High Tech Forum, which will take place on Thursday 12th of October 2023 at 16:30, at the offices of Nisha Group, Airport City. The forum will be the platform

for IGCCI members to meet with companies and individuals from the high tech scene with an interest in doing business

in Greece or are curious about the Greek ecosystem, its peculiarities and opportunities for cooperation. The High Tech forum will also organize business delegation trips, B2B events, webinars,

a newsletter and more.

For further details please get in contact with the IGCCI at, 058-5689590 (Dimitrios Ziagas), 050-6283152 (Yafa Mor-Yashar) Dimitris Ziagas

Security Basics Aren’t So Basic — They’re Hard

Lax security controls cause heavy damages, and security experts warn unmet basic requirements lead, time and again, to data breaches.

Matt Kapko | 21.8. 2023

The basics of cybersecurity, it turns out, aren’t so basic.

Fundamental defenses — identity and access management, MFA, memory-safe languages, patching and vulnerability management — are lacking or nonexistent across the economy, according to cybersecurity experts.

“It is the simple stuff,” Arctic Wolf CISO Adam Marrè said during an interview at Black Hat. “Year after year these data breach reports come out, year after year it’s the same thing as most attacks happen because you’re not patching your systems and you’re not taking care of your credentials.”

Brazil Seeking Truck Artillery

Stephen W. Miller | 24.8.23

The alliance has not properly considered the risks emanating from the half-hearted or hostile within the organization. Read more (

The Brazilian Army is seeking proposals for truck mounted artillery systems. The intent is to

initially acquire two systems for evaluation. This could be followed by the purchase of an additional thirty-four systems.

The truck artillery will replace current M114A1 towed howitzers in service and will be provided to three army artillery units. The project is an element of the country’s “VBCOAP 155mm SR” Program to improve its forces. The plan was originally identified in January 2022 on “InfoDefensa’s” web site.

How to Check Out Suppliers Before You Commit

Cyber Security Intelligence | 22.8.23

Organizations are struggling to assess the risk supplier processes pose to their own operations, with many only doing so once a year after they’ve engaged a supplier. Only 13% of businesses assess the risk posed by their suppliers and only 8% of the wider supply chain, according to the UK government’s latest findings in the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023. This is despite the fact that the threat posed by supply chain attacks is growing.

Forensic Investigation Goes Mobile With Thales


Thales presents its Evidence and Investigation Suite, a new generation of biometric identification solution dedicated to police and security forces.

The cutting-edge offering includes a complete set of features supported by cloud-based solutions and compact multimodal biometric devices, for faster crime-solving and efficient investigation of persons-of-interest.

In addition, the ultra-mobile multifunction application provides front-line operators with adapted biometric solution, bringing forensic investigation capabilities to the field.

Michigan school district implements AI gun detection technology

Security Staff | 28.8.23

A Michigan school district has selected an artificial intelligence (AI)-based gun detection platform as a way to proactively protect its students and faculty against gun-related violence.

It was recently announced that Adrian Public Schools of Lenawee County, Michigan, has deployed the A.I.-based gun detection video analytics platform ZeroEyes, which holds a U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation.

Australia Picks Operator XR for New Military Virtual Reality Training System

The Australian Army has acquired an advanced virtual reality (VR) tactical training system from American tech firm Operator XR.

JOE SABALLA | 8.8.23

Called the OP-1, the cutting-edge tech allows soldiers to conduct or participate in virtual missions using their own specific service weapons and equipment. Instead of external computers, simulations are run from a high-powered tablet for improved mobility and ease of use. According to Operator XR CEO Wayne Jones, the VR system is a “robust solution” to support the Australian Army’s urban and close-quarters combat training.

Is The Army Ready To Think Like a Tech Company ?

Why The Service Needs To Value Coding The Same Way As Shooting ?

Abdul ani | 17.08.23

This week, thousands of soldiers, technologists, and vendors descended on Augusta, Georgia for an annual technology conference known affectionately as “TechNet.” The conference has always been an opportunity for Army leaders to make technology‐related announcements and to better understand the latest technologies, and for companies to demonstrate the value of their products to the defense sector. But this year’s TechNet event comes at a historically high-leverage moment for the US Army. Against the backdrop of an unrelenting buildup of Chinese digital capabilities and lessons learned in Ukraine, the Army must confront a combination of complex strategic disadvantages—to include a smaller force due to an unprecedented recruiting crisis, the search for a new identity in the wake of the post-9/11 wars, and an ever‐sprawling approach to digital transformation and innovation.

INSS | Special Publication | 22.8.23

inbar noy-freifeld | liran antebi | yarden assraf

How does the revolution underway in Artificial Intelligence – for example, the newly enhanced capabilities to create text or videos by way of algorithms – affect the IDF, as well as Israeli security in a broader sense? How does it impact the international system? A recent conference at INSS addressed these weighty questions, and insights from the event are presented in this article

INSS | laser Weapon

yehoshua kalisky | 23.8.2023

Recent items published in a Chinese scientific newspaper and in English translations reported major progress in the development of a powerful laser weapon – a “breakthrough,” according to the publications, that will enable the laser to be operated continuously and without interruption. According to the Chinese report, the improvement that enables the continuous operation is related to successful control of the thermal regime in order to eliminate the heat generated in the laser system.

Recommendation of The Month


The book “Cyber and Hacking in the Worlds of Blockchain and Crypto” is a must-read for anyone interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency, from beginners to experienced information security experts. Written by Oded Vanunu, Roman Zaikin and Dikla Barda three cybersecurity and hacking experts from Check Point Software Technologies with over 15 years of practical experience each, this book offers practical tools, labs, and exercises to help readers identify security vulnerabilities and understand the processes involved in the blockchain network.

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Product manufacture

4M Defense is a mine action company, operating around the globe. The extensive active military experience of our management team in landmine clearance and EOD, allows us to provide our clients tailor-made solutions through an innovative combination of technology and active deployments

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This month the spot light is on Revital Abrahamov who specializes in head-hunting and locating candidates for complex technological positions and senior or unique positions, for high-tech companies, startups and government offices.

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