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ISBU Newsletter January 2023

A word from the editor

The new year has brought with it new threats, risks, and opportunities. The war in Ukraine and other tensions in other regions all over the globe, create an arms race and money is invested in the force build up. For the defense and security industry, this brings many business opportunities.

Many of the business opportunities are present at conferences and shows, such as last week in Tel Aviv – The cyber tech. A conference that presents Israeli best high-tech solutions for cyber security, a domain that brings huge threat to organizations. In the conference, future cyber threats, cyber terrorism, cybercrime, and cyber security issues were presented.

The ISBU welcomes you to join the organization, enjoy the privileges as a partner, and be updated on the latest news and opportunities in the defense, security, and cyber industry.

Best regards

Kasriel Kay


Included in this issue:
  • News from the union

  • Upcoming events

  • HLS and Defense news

  • Cyber & Tech news

  • Forensics section

  • Company spotlight

  • Sales corner

  • Services for members

News from the union.

ISBU visited the Cybertech Global TLV 2023 and what an event it was!

Cybertech Global, the international cyber industry’s summit, is a 3-day event consisting of a conference featuring top speakers and a sweeping exhibition hall. Each year, this event attracts leading companies, senior government officials, world-renowned speakers, innovative startups, and investors across all sectors.

With cyber leaders from over 80 countries coming together, visitors and participants can enjoy the B2B platform and use it to pre-schedule onsite business meetings. Conference sessions cover a wide range of topics and touch upon different sectors - from security to logistics, through finance, education, and health. The conference will also feature sector-specific special events, designed to explore some of their unique challenges and opportunities.

We highly recommend stopping by the conference.

Upcoming events

ISBU Pavilion at ISC

After an absence of about two years, on March 21, the "Israel Security Conference 2023" will be held. The fifth conference, which will take place at the D-one Drom HaSharon, is intended to preserve a professional security community and a creative thinking forum for industry executives in Israel. The Israel Security Conference is attended by senior members of the Israeli security world and all the guiding bodies of the state and civilian security systems. Alongside the conference, there will be an exhibition of means and services from leading technology companies.

The Israel Security Conference 2023 will be attended by about 700 senior members of Israel's security system, including over 100 officers and instructors from the regulatory bodies (the Ministry of Public Security, the Israel Police, the IPS, the Lutheran Headquarters, the National Security Council and the IDF). Senior security managers and over 200 consultants, integrators, manufacturers, importers and exporters.

This year, the conference focuses on changes in the world of civil security in light of the severe crisis in manpower, changes in attribution of threats and the increasing use of advanced technologies which replace or reduce the use of manpower.

ISBU had secured a pavilion at the conference in order for our members to exhibit their products at a reduced price.

For more information, please contact

כנס האבטחה של ישראל יתקיים בתאריך 21.03.2033

הכנס המתקיים בשת"פ עם חטיבת האבטחה של משטרת ישראל, יארח את 500 בכירי עולם האבטחה ובראשם מעל 100 קציני אבטחה ורישוי , מעל 250 מנהלי אבטחה בכירים מנכ"לי חברות האבטחה והמוקד הגדולות. 

כנס האבטחה והתערוכה הנלווית יתמקדו השנה בשינויים בעולם הביטחון האזרחי לאור משבר כוח האדם החמור, שינויים באיומי הייחוס והשימוש הגובר בטכנולוגיות מתקדמות המחליפות או מצמצמות את השימוש בכוח אדם.

האיגוד קיבל פביליון בו יוכלו חברי האיגוד להציג את מוצריהם.

חברי האיגוד המעוניינים להציג בפביליון ובעלות מופחתת מתבקשים לפנות לגלעד כהן מנכ"ל איגוד ISBU לכתריאל קיי - מנהל חברי קהילת ISBU למייל: info@isbunion.

Defense and Homeland Security News

Iran Embassy Killing Shakes Region (

The attack is the latest in a series of events that have destabilized relations between Azerbaijan and Iran since 2020, when Azerbaijan defeated Armenia in the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War. The Islamic Republic held two massive military drills along the border with Azerbaijan in 2021 and 2022 and has openly sided with Armenia. Iran and Azerbaijan have meanwhile been engaged in a media war, exchanging accusations of separatism and internal destabilization.

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Photo: A view shows bullet holes on a door after an attack at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in Tehran, Iran, January 27, 2023. Credit: Majid Asgaripour/WANA West Asia News Agency

North Korean UAVs: small intruders, big ambitions? (

Pyongyang’s renewal of UAV flights into South Korea flags its continuing ambition to further develop its inventory, and the challenges of detecting and deterring such activity.

Pyongyang’s latest violation of South Korean territory is a reminder of the challenge of countering small uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAVs). Irrespective of their effectiveness, however, North Korea almost certainly harbors greater goals for its evolving and as yet largely unseen UAV force.

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Gulf maritime security: testing waters for an uncrewed future? (

The US Navy is aiming to use up to 100 uninhabited systems to bolster Gulf region maritime security, demonstrate the wider value of uninhabited systems in the maritime domain, and encourage the participation of regional navies.

Opportunities and challenges.

For Gulf navies, the uninhabited systems approach appears to be a potentially attractive option to deliver some of the sustained patrolling and surveillance capacity that they have perhaps struggled to maintain in the past using crewed platforms

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The problem with precision munitions today is that they are highly manufactured, require advanced chips and materials, and therefore are harder to replenish when stocks are depleted than unguided or “dumb” munition